Pure Infinity

Pure Infinity supplies ready-made biotechnology that will reduce your solvent emission in the flexible packaging industry and styrene emissions in the composite industry. Our technology allows you to make your production processes more sustainable or even profitable.

Reduce costs with sustainability

Production processes always have a negative impact on the consumption of raw materials and are a burden on the environment. Pure Infinity supplies a closed production cycle without that negative impact. Our technology offers savings on raw materials and the environment and also reduces your production costs. We achieve this with intelligent reuse, reduced energy consumption and simpler production methods. We contribute to a sustainable production process that increases your profit in the value chain.

Your challenge, our solutions

The systems are based on our Vocus and patented Boncus technology solutions. Vocus is suitable for all industries, whilst Boncus was developed specifically for the flexible packaging industry. The Pure Infinity products are fully based on biotechnology that breaks down solvents that are removed from the exhausted air. All our systems comply with the requirements for solvent emissions that are imposed by legislation in Europe and the USA. Due to our knowledge of and experience in biotechnology our products are easy to implement and maintain. If you opt for our products, you can concentrate on your core activities while we ensure 100% sustainable production.

Your company sustainable?

Want to know more about our projects? Please find out all about our research over here and read more about our references over here. You want to know if our solutions suit your company?  Please feel free to contact us by telephone: +31650622288 or e-mail: info@pureinfinity.nl

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