Pure Infinity & Innopack systems celebrate 10 years of success!

Innopack Systems and Pure Infinity have been working together for 10 years. In the flexographic market, Pure Infinity provides Innopack’s customers with the most competitive VOC treatment systems available: the VOCUS and -since 2019- also the new BONCUS system.

Both systems provide solvent emissions treatment technologies based on biology, which will have a much lower maintenance cost than traditional RTO’s or Incinerators. The elegant and modern systems of Pure Infinity are very easy to operate and are already successfully running at over 10 customers in Spain and Portugal.

VOCUS was specifically designed for flexo companies with one printer or with low ink coverage jobs. The VOCUS will easily remove the solvents from the air emissions at a very low cost, as the biology will eat the solvents nearly for free. Additionally, with the new BONCUS, the solvents are converted to gas that can then be utilised to heat the drying air during the flexo printing process or other processes that require heat. In some cases, the gas can even be used to produce electricity in combination with heat, increasing the value of the energy released. The energy that it produces is considered green energy, so the carbon footprint will be reduced significantly. Therefore, the BONCUS will not only save CO2, but it will also give a return on investment whilst still removing the solvents from the air. Read all about it on our website: https://www.pureinfinity.nl/biotechnological-solutions/

If you are interested about any of our solutions or require additional information about the partnership between Pure Infinity and Innopack, please feel free to contact Innopack Systems in Vigo, Spain on info@innopack.es or romay@innopack.es ( mob. nº +34 685 455 844 or ph. nº +34 986 123 107) and they will be delighted to help you find the right solution for you!

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