First BONCUS system for air emission treatment installed at Flexographic company

Solvent treatment air emission

BONCUS treating solvent air emission from flexographic industy

The first BONCUS system – a solvent air emission treatment system that converts the air emissions from a flexographic printing company into energy- is ready for commissioning. There is finally a payback model for the waste solvents in the flexographic industry. Pure Infinity has developed this technology for air treatment together with the University of Valencia and is thrilled with the finalization of this project. This project proofs the fit for the BONCUS in the industry. This project consist of a hybrid system with a VOCUS and BONCUS combination.

Solvent air emissions in the flexographic industry are to be treated according EU legislation’s to prevent photo-chemical SMOG in the atmosphere. See also here for more information.

The solvents in the air emissions are removed from the air and subsequently biologically converted into bio-methane. First the air is treated in a scrubber with water to clean the air. The air is than clean enough to emit to the atmosphere. As a second step the water is fed into a biological reactor where bacteria are converting the solvents into methane: green gas. This green gas can be used without further treatment to heat a thermal oil burner or to produce electricity in a CHP (combined heat and power unit).  In every location the options should be looked at in detail to maximize the financial business case. Read more on the BONCUS over here. 

Bio-methane is also called green-gas referring to what it is: renewable energy. Turning the waste solvent emission into energy and at the same time contributing to the energy transition.

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