Pure Infinity: the green emission treatment

As an environmental technologist, Pure Infinity owner Albert Waalkens observed already early that our environment benefits more from governmental and organizational solutions, rather than asking consumers to consume less. With that in mind he is convinced that the biggest benefit will come from making the source of the goods that are used and consumed green and circular. And as such, our consumption durable. With his company Pure Infinity he provides solutions that purify the exhausted air in factories with biotechnological solutions: it results in green emission treatment.

“We must strive to stop using finite resources and focus on continuous reduction of the “long-chain” CO2 emissions. This can be achieved with a combination of technology and a paradigm shift within industry and politics.” Albert is convinced that this will automatically lower production costs. “If we’ve acquired the knowledge and expertise in Europe, we can start exporting it to other parts of the world. Then we will once again benefit from this acquired knowledge and therefore double the impact. Sustainable production is therefore certainly not a cost item: it’s a very profitable investment.”

We develop technology: our clients make the difference

Pure Infinity’s professionals work on a fact-based, pragmatic and environmental-driven basis. The continuity and growth of customers is crucial here. After all, they are the parties who invest in green production and make the difference. Albert: “We have fully developed our own techniques and work together with the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Valencia. For the flexo– and composites industry, which we have specialized in, we have come up with specific solutions that are scalable in the entire industry, from small to large companies. ” Thanks to our solutions, these factories see their air pollution drop dramatically due to the biology-based solutions at the lowest costs.

Sustainable environment & green profit

Albert’s enthusiasm translates into the in-house development of all techniques that Pure Infinity offers. Pure Infinity’s mission? To tackle emissions of air pollutants at low costs with green technologies that have minimal impact on the environment. In this way Pure Infinity contributes to making the world more sustainable.

Pure Infinity believes that green can go well with commercial interest. That it can and must go together to create a better, sustainable world that goes hand in hand with social and economic progress. By making air purification green, Pure Infinity customers kill two birds with one stone: less pollution and a green solution. The air is clean, but the earth is not further deprived of its fossil fuels. Due to the investment in Pure Infinity technology, the costs in the longer term are decreasing and sometimes the solution is even profitable.

Green emission treatment

Pure Infinity technology makes biology work instead of using fossil fuels. This makes Pure Infinity the natural purifier that results in green emission treatment. EU legislation requires factories to clean their emissions: this has been regulated in a European context since 2007 and will be enforced even more strictly starting 2020. In addition, as an organization you want to be serious about your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): customers and end consumers are increasingly asking for transparency, a sustainable policy and an organization that stands for (light) green business. If you make an investment in 2020 that has a lifespan of a few decades, you need to be aware of environmental consequences.

Biotechnological solution

Pure Infinity has developed the green technology Vocus for companies in the composites industry using minimal fossil fuels. The Vocus is also a great solution for the flexo industry. In addition, the Boncus has been specially designed for this industry. The patented Boncus system not only stands for a green, sustainable solution. Boncus also provides financial gain through smart technology. Due to the reuse of the filtered solvents, waste is no longer waste but a source of green energy. So that is a win-win-win: less pollution, biology does its job and there is a financial return on investment.

Triple win

With the techniques developed by Pure Infinity, sustainable business becomes a possibility for every factory: green emission treatment can be the new standard. With the purchase of air purification in the form of Vocus or Boncus you know that your business continuity is guaranteed, law enforcement is no longer a problem and the investment is well-arranged and in the longer term falling or even profitable.

Do you want to know more? Call Albert Waalkens +31650622288 or send an e-mail to info@pureinfinity.nl.