VOC Removal or Volatile Organic Compounds Removal

VOC removal

VOC removal from air emissions in industry is mainly based on the European Directives. These are in place to protect the environment from these VOC’s or also referred to as solvents. VOC’s generally create photochemical SMOG. SMOG is causing increasingly health problems in densed populated area’s in Europe.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate into gaseous forms at room temperature. Commonly referred to as solvents, the human health risks associated with exposure to VOCs vary from mild to severe and are dependent upon several factors including length of time and level of exposure. Treatment of these various vapor sources to reduce the VOC emissions is often required to comply with regulations.

While some VOCs cause no known health effects, others are known to be highly toxic. Their effects vary and are dependent upon several factors including, most notably, length of time and level of exposure. Common symptoms associated with exposure to VOCs include eye, nose, and throat irration, nausea/vomiting, allergic skin irritation, dizziness, and visual disorders. Extended exposure in the long-term can result in more serious conditions such as cancer, damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system, and loss of coordination. More infomation on VOC’s can be found for example on wikipedia

VOC removal techniques

Numerous technologies exist to perform VOC reduction in vapor streams; The most environmental friendly and lowest cost solution, is to use biological techniques. Pure Infinity has a long experience in the biological treatment of solvent emissions from industry with our VOCUS biotrickling technology.

Other techniques all require additional chemicals, energy or adsorbtion material like activated carbon while in biological solutions it is the biology that works. Based on our experience, Pure Infinity promisses working solutions that have the lowest costs.

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voc removal