Clean air emissions with biotechnological solutions

Our technology treats air emissions that contain solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in particular. We supply systems to the composite and flexible packaging industry. With our products we ensure clean air emissions with biotechnological solutions. The systems are based on our Vocus and patented Boncus technology. Vocus is suitable for all industries, whilst Boncus was developed specifically for the flexible packaging industry. The Pure Infinity products are fully based on biotechnology. Our technology breaks down solvents that are removed from the exhausted air.

Requirements and legislation

All our systems comply with the requirements for solvent emissions that are imposed by legislation in Europe and the USA. With these systems we guarantee the operation and efficiency of Boncus and Vocus.

Experts in biotechnological solutions

Biotechnological solutions have been implemented around the world for more than 100 years. Pure Infinity’s knowledge and experience of biotechnology make our products easy to implement and maintain. If you opt for our products, you can concentrate on your core activities and we ensure 100% sustainable production.

Vocus solution                                                                   Boncus Solution

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