VOC removal at high level furniture producer – Porcelanosa/Gamadecor

VOC emission treatment, solvent emission treatment.
VOC emission treatment at Gamadecor. VOCUS installed in 2009


The VOCUS installation was installed in 2009 and still running to the satisfaction of Gamadecor. Find the impression of Gamadecor here


The Biotrickilng Filter performance is based on the natural process of biological oxidation (aerobic degradation) of organic compounds (COVs) that yields ultimately inert products such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. In a Biotrickling filter reactor, the polluted air to be treated is passed through a bed on which it has developed a film of microorganisms (biofilm) which are the responsible for degrading organic contaminants to carbon dioxide and water. In turn, an aqueous phase is circulated continuously through the bed allowing adequate biofilm irrigation. In the figure it can be seen the functioning of this system. This cleaning technology is especially attractive for treating large volumes of polluted air with low concentrations of (VOCs)

because of simplicity, low operational cost and minimal environmental impact since it does not generate toxic or hazardous waste products.