Turn your solvent emissions into green energy with BONCUS!

We have developed the VOCUS biotrickling in the years 2005 – 2007 and have installed these all over Europe, also many in the Flexographic sector. Because the VOCUS is mainly suitable for the smaller solvent emissions, we have developed its bigger brother BONCUS. And where the VOCUS was only lówer in cost of ownership than a RTO, the BONCUS actually retúrns on the investment. Doing this by making green energy will make the BONCUS a game changer in the flexo industry.

What does the BONCUS do

Pure Infinity’s BONCUS will do 3 things when it’s set up in the factory:

  1. Cleaning the air emissions. Pure Infinity’s BONCUS technology will clean the solvent emissions and reaches very easily the standards as set in the newest solvent emission legislation of the EU. As such our BONCUS comes in the place of the conventional incinerator.
  2. Making energy. Our BONCUS technology will convert solvent emissions from the flexographic packaging industry into green gas. The production of the green gas is taking part in the biological reactor that is part of the BONCUS. The solvents are led into this bioreactor to be converted to green gas. Depending on the specific design the BONCUS is able to produce > 700 m3 green gas per 1000 kg of solvents.
  3. Valorisation of the green gas. The green gas has the quality of natural gas and can be injected into the national gas network to be sold as green energy. The other possibility is to use the gas as a fuel to create green electricity and heat to be used directly in the factory. When used in the factory it will reduce the use of (fossil) fuels like electricity and heat (for drying). We have seen calculations that total energy bills can be reduced > 80%. Another possibility is a hybrid; using the heat and selling the green electricity to the national grid. Feeding the electricity in the grid on the same way as it is done with solar energy.boncus

What is green gas

Green gas is gas with the same quality as natural gas as used for cooking, heating etc. but is produced without CO2 emission. The green gas will therefor reduce the CO2 footprint significantly. Green gas can be mixed with normal natural gas in the gas network to find its way to users of green energy. Green gas in the BONCUS is produced in a biological reactor that is part of the BONCUS. In this bioreactor the biology converts the solvents into methane (green gas). Because the green gas produced by the BONCUS is made from industrial waste that cannot be used in any food chain, the gas is classified in the EU as the most green energy there is.

Why is there a premium on the price of green energy

The current long term goals for the energy transition in Europe ensures that green energy is being sold with a significant premium price over the fossil fuels the prices depend obviously on the country and the specific situation. One of the triggers for the premium price is the EU Renewable Energy Directive RED. The obligations are being put on the energy suppliers. One of the possibilities they have is to buy green energy- or CO2 certificates to fulfil the obligations from the RED.

The Renewable Energy Directive in short:
In December 2018, the revised renewable energy directive 2018/2001/EU entered into force, as part of the Clean energy for all Europeans package, aimed at keeping the EU a global leader in renewables and, more broadly, helping the EU to meet its emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement. The new directive establishes a new binding renewable energy target for the EU for 2030 of at least 32%, with a clause for a possible upwards revision by 2023.  At least all EU countries must also ensure that at least 10% of their transport fuels come from renewable sources by 2020. https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/topics/renewable-energy/renewable-energy-directive

For which companies is the BONCUS interesting

The BONCUS is interesting for flexographic companies that are medium size in the usage of solvent in their emissions or more. The more solvent the better the business case. In these companies we can achieve short payback times and create a significant mass of green gas. There are various parties that are keen in purchasing the green gas or CO2 certificates. It is always possible to use the energy directly in the factory with installation of a CHP engine that produces heat and electricity.

If a conventional incinerator is already in place, is the BONCUS still interesting?

Generally it is very interesting to setup a business case with the BONCUS to compare to the current situation. While the incinerator still has a value on the second hand market, it is a typical cash out system. The BONCUS has a payback straight from the beginning.

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