Styrene removal from air emissions in the Composites industry

Styrene emissions are inevitable in the polyester or composites industry. All companies in the industry are faced with the challenge to control the styrene in their air emissions and most need styrene removal technologies. European and national clean air legislations are demanding significant reduction of the styrene before the air can be emitted to the atmosphere. There are 2 reasons for this legislation. The first is odour nuisance, styrene has a very low odour threshold which means that it can be noticed at very low concentrations. The other reason is the possibility of styrene to initiate photochemical SMOG which is a direct health issue in densely populated areas. With this technology we comply with all applicable statutory efficiency requirements.

Pure Infinity’s solution for styrene removal: the VOCUS

Pure Infinity has the solution to reduce the styrene in the air emissions with her VOCUS bio trickling technology. In short and in the simplest way, the VOCUS can be described as a reactor through which the air will flow. While the air is in the reactor the biology in the reactor will “eat” the styrene from the air. We can design the VOCUS for any removal rate and any required outlet concentration. Even to very low values. What we want to say is, we can design the VOCUS tailored for any specific need.

styrene removal

The main advantages of the VOCUS for the polyester industry:

  1. The VOCUS does the job. Period. We have a proven track record for over 10 years, and we guarantee the performance;
  2. It has the lowest footprint compared to all other functioning technology in the market;
  3. The VOCUS has the lowest cost of ownership because:
    • filling made from plastics which does not need replacing
    • No chemicals or additional (fossil) energy necessary
    • Biotechnology, the biology works for free
    • Extremely easy to operate, 15 minutes per week is what it takes
  4. The VOCUS is the ultimate and full green solution for your styrene emission
  5. Ease of mind, finally the styrene emission is solved at the lowest possible costs
  6. The VOCUS is developed in cooperation with the University of Valencia under several national and prestigues European FP7 Marie Curie grants enabling multiple PhD’s to be promoted on the subject of biological VOC (styrene) removal.

Pure Infinity has a long track record for biological VOC removal, read more here

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