Producing green energy from solvent emission

Pure Infinity developed the Boncus technology specifically for the flexible packaging industry, also known as flexography. Our technology ensures your business continuing the usage of solvents in carbon-neutral printing while benefiting from significantly lower production costs.

The Boncus technology was proven during a 30-month trial period at a flex printing company near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

The use of plastic packaging has been under pressure for quite a while now, despite scientific proof that plastic packaging significantly increases the shelf-life of food products. Plastic packaging has a net positive environmental impact, provided it is collected and recycled after use.

BONCUS animation by Animaty

Boncus: the green solution for the flexography business

Consequently, the use of solvents is the most important environmental issue of flex printing in the flexography business. Printing companies consume hundreds or thousands of tonnes of solvents that disappear into the atmosphere after use. This is a major loss of valuable raw materials, a heavy burden on the environment, and the latter comes with a price tag.Solutions with water-based ink, UV beam and digital printing increase costs and are not gaining ground. Check out the animation below for a quick overview.

We would be pleased to calculate the amount of CO2 and money we could save your company, whilst you can continue to use solvent-based ink.